When we say Braveheart Black Angus Beef® is the best, we mean it.

Slow Process, Premium Quality
Our facilities focus on slower line production with an emphasis on craftsmanship, ensuring quality and consistency.

850 Pound Average Weight
An average carcass weight of 850 pounds allows for smaller subprimals that can be converted into thicker, more tender steaks and provide better cost and pricing management for operators.

Sourced Within 200 Miles
All cattle raised for Braveheart are sourced from the Midwest within 200 miles of the pack facility. This reduces stress on the animals, and reduces our carbon footprint.

USDA Inspected and Approved Black Angus Cattle
Our cattle are majority black hide, as defined and supervised by the USDA. This means you get a product from a line of cattle that is known for superior muscle marbling and better flavor.

100% U.S. Grain-Based Diet
Braveheart cattle are fed a 100% U.S. grain-based diet and are only finished on Midwestern corn for superior flavor and tenderness.

The PathProven system allows us to confirm the species of each Braveheart cow through DNA testing and also includes standards for feeding, health and humane treatment, all of which come together to create top-quality beef.